Willis Newton: The Last Texas Outlaw

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About the author

G.R. Williamson

G.R. Williamson lives in the Texas Hill Country near Kerrville with his wife, Jean, and his ever faithful Chihuahua, “Shooter”.

He is a historical researcher, a historian and a born storyteller. As a child, he grew up hearing his granddad and his bluegrass-playing buddies spin yarns under shade trees between sets. He would sit and wonder at their ability to peel pecans with their knives and then eat the pecans, all the while chewing tobacco. It was a true wonder to behold.

Then later he was fortunate enough to encounter a number of storytelling sages to engender a real passion for the art form.

Over the years he has written several books and many articles on the historical figures and events in Old West history. In addition, he has penned several western motion picture screenplays.

His book on Willis Newton stems from an interview he had with the outlaw shortly before he died at age ninety – and was still an unrepentant outlaw.

For more information, visit his website GRWilliamson.com.