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E. S. Martell

Eric S. Martell set out to become a scientist when he was five. He was attracted to psychology and earned a Ph.D. in that discipline. When personal computers came along (way back in prehistory), he taught himself programming and spent years in software design, creating everything from early childhood learning software to military training modules.

His primary personality flaw involves being interested in a multiplicity of subjects. As a result, he learned energy healing, is knowledgeable about the law of attraction, makes a living investing in and selling real estate, and is a black-belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, an airplane pilot, a scuba diver, guitar player, outdoorsman, and naturalist. He admits to being addicted to both science and science fiction.

Eric started by writing a book about his real estate experiences, followed by a second covering some of the spiritual aspects of selling and negotiating. He then turned to science fiction.

He researches all of his books and works to offer believable science with compelling characters and realistic action. His science fiction books cover a trilogy based on an alien invasion apocalypse, possible interplanetary political structure, space travel, advanced weapons, quantum physics, hunting, war, romance, time travel, and strange worlds. His short stories are found in several anthologies, but he specializes in full-length science fiction novels.

His creative process involves asking questions, such as what would happen if the Earth passed through an interstellar dust cloud that contained messenger RNA? That led to his 2020 novel, DUSTFALL. That story involves a lower-class boy meeting an upper-class girl when most humans have become flesh-craving mutants. The falling dust has released the inner monsters in Earth's life forms, but the real mystery is the identity of the most dangerous mutant of all.

The Florida Authors and Publishers Association has awarded two of his novels (Cyber-Witch and Pirates of the Asteroids) their coveted President's award.

His primary writing goal is to provide readers with gripping stories they cannot put down. He encourages inquiries and takes readers' suggestions seriously.

You can find notices about new books, free short stories, opinion posts, and preview pages on his author blog at Facebook users can visit ESMartellbooks for additional information. He is also on GAB at and MeWe at