Temptation and Deception

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About the author

Sydney Campbell

There's a brand-new romance writer in town.

Sydney Campbell explodes onto the scene with Temptation, her debut novella which introduces readers to Allie Styles and Matt Goldberg. Allie and Matt are a couple of star-crossed lovers who are redefining the romance genre with smart dialogue, wild adventures, and smoking-hot sex.

A longtime lover of a great story with sizzle, Campbell was having difficulty finding material she enjoyed reading. So, she decided to write it herself. Making a shift from mainstream writing to erotic romance during the 2020 Covid pandemic, she fell in love with the genre and the universe she created.

Setting her story in contemporary times, Campbell has created relatable characters who are facing the same struggles and obstacles we face every day. But they face them with humour, wit, and passion. Lots of passion.

Campbell grew up in a semi-traditional household filled with artists. Both her parents and siblings pursued their dreams in one way or another, so she decided to follow suit. Her entire family is proud of her writing career. They just don't know about this side of it. Shhh.