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About the author

Ulf Johansson

Ulf Johansson is a writer with a passion for writing a fact book. Although he is a newcomer to the writing scene, his enthusiasm and dedication drive him to create engaging narratives. Born and raised in Sweden, Ulf Johansson discovered his love for writing during his time in the Philippines, where he lived with his wife and children. He's been working hard to develop his writing skills, learning from established authors, and exploring different writing techniques.

Ulf aims to create a book to share what he has learned through reading, research, and personal experiences. Together with his wife Eileene, he believes that it is never too late to start on a new beginning. He firmly believes that giving your best will lead to rewarding outcomes. Ulf's goal is to take readers on a journey that reflects their own experiences and challenges. Through heartfelt narratives, Ulf hopes to leave a lasting impact on readers.