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Rachel Lawson

Rachel is a lover of gothic poetry and the stories of Emilly Dickensen, Poe, and other poets and writers. she writes in a gothic sometimes romantic, and somewhat eclectic style. She likes to do a good job in whatever she does, and she tried her hand from amateur Magic to designing objects for 3d printing. She has loved writing since primary school at high school she wrote plays and wrote short stories and made her essays look like books she has been in training for quite a while. She first wrote about the magicians in her teens. She devised Stand and Deliver: In The Moonlight in her 20's as a short story and re-wrote the story in her 40's. She wrote poetry and story into her 20's and took a break from writing for a few years while she helped out as a stage assistant in a local theatre. In her 30's she discovered Allpoetry.com and has written there ever since. She loves to write books, has podcasts and even made audiobooks. She wrote Vivienne and the reaper her tale of life, love and death as a collections of poems for Allpoetry contests and added them together into one collected short story.
Rachel is a poet-writer versed in prose as much as she is rhyme. She loves to weave words and for the most part has no idea where the words are leading her to, she finds it the fun way to write.
In author's words on her writing style from her poem The Flow of Magical Words.
"I love words, which pour easily from my pen,
when I put pen to paper a world of words does open,
it flows on the page it's soul mate,
though no one can read the scrawl of words which well inside and opens a gate,
out comes beauty, rhymes of passion, sage words and gloom,
rhyming poem, deathly prose dark as the hand of doom,
the right word is magic in my hand,
like a lover sigh lightly fanned."

Rachel's poems are on google play music and iTunes music also on amazon digital music in audio and Kobo too. Rachel is also webmaster to her own poetry website rachellawsonpoet.yolasite.com/ contact her via email there.
Rachel is a distant relative and big fan of the famous but little know writer Fanny Burney who wrote Evelina who inspired Jane Austin. To learn of her google her name to find her book look on amazon she's every where.