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Terrance Fullerton

Hi I'm Terrance Fullerton and I live in the beautiful Jervis Bay area on the NSW south coast of Australia

The only formal qualifications I have are those in Electronic and Communications. I got involved with electronics at about age of 12. I have been working with computers and computer systems on the hardware side since 1971. The system I was working with was a Univac 418 II mainframe with VIC tape drives, Fastrand Mass Storage units and a 1004 line printer, punch card reader, paper tape reader combination (hard to imagine this today). At this time I was using assembler and machine languages to help maintain these various systems. Since then I taught myself, through reading books, watching video tutorials and using this information to get in and build web sites, to use HTML, CSS, PHP some java script, jquery and python. I built my first website in 2006 called, I have taken this site down and will probably redo it. My Web Hosting Service is and my main web site I have written a goal setting book "Goals from the Soul" which is available as a free download.