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Jon Shore

I love helping others,
whether it entails being free of depression, experiencing Enlightenment or improving their businesses performance.

This is what my life is about.

I grew up without any particular religious tradition although my leanings have always been toward Buddhism. At a very young age I became fascinated with religion and spirituality. I spent 32 years of my life searching for Enlightenment and at 40 found what I had been seeking. During those years I studied most of the world’s major religions and many spiritual practices with great teachers. My formal education and training were in psychology and I spent about 40 years as a therapist specializing in spiritual psychology. During that time I developed Self-Awareness Therapy. In 1978 I began producing and recording guided mindfulness meditations and these are still available today at After my own experience with depression I spent many years in practice helping people be free of depression using Self-Awareness Therapy as well as lecturing on these topics around the world.

Ever since I can remember I have been able to feel the feelings of others. Not just the superficial emotions but every layer of consciousness – superficial emotions and beliefs, sub-conscious, even to the unconscious and the soul. Today this is called ‘hyper-empathy‘. In university I discovered that most other people could not do this, I was very surprised. Over the years thousands of people have asked me to look deeply inside them and to let them know what I see and feel in them. I suppose I am being a mirror that reflects back to you everything you feel and everything you are to the very depths of your soul. I found that I can do this even if the person is not present. I have done this in counseling sessions, clinical settings, board rooms, court rooms and offices. I can do this with individuals and groups. I do not consider this strange or unusual. To me it is quite normal and it is strange and unusual that everyone else cannot do it as well or that they do not know themselves this way and even need a mirror. 

For the past 19 years I have also been involved in the business world as an entrepreneur but have continued my spiritual practices and even incorporated them into my work.