Dr. Tesla's Disappearing Act

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Jerriann Law

A native of Kentucky, I have a love of all arts. Comic and doll collections bring out the geek in me, but compiling artistic collages, a deep interest in photography, video production and digital design make up for that, and together with my strong love of animals - makes me really cool - at least, according to Lily Bear, my beloved Shih Tzu.

These days, I collaborate with a talented author and musician, J.D. Couch, on a variety of projects, both in writing and producing music videos for YouTube.

Lynwood Montell, the author of "Ghosts along the Cumberland" and one-time professor of mine, highly influenced my interest in supernatural folklore. Today his teachings reflect in much of my own work and I've enjoyed many accolades both for poetry and cross-genre fiction. My approach to life is simple; the world around us contains infinite possibility; you just need to know how to harness it and its energy - the recipe for a happy existence.