Trump's Economic Era and the Neoconservatives, Progressives and Globalists

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About the author

Kenneth E. Long

Ken was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. After graduating from Grosse Pointe High School in 1963, he attended Eastern Michigan University where he majored in Economics and English with a minor in History. He attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 1969 where he earned a Master’s in the Art of Teaching Mathematics while teaching mathematics in the inner city of Detroit for four years. He then attended Eastern Michigan University to work on his Masters in Economics.
    He has been married to Kay Long since 1970 and has three children. He has been teaching the Principles of Economics since 1972 at New River Community College.
    Trump’s Economic Era is Ken’s fourth book. His other books are The Principles of Economics, published by D. Van Nostrand, Macroeconomics – Austrians vs. Keynesians published by Austrian Economics Press, and a self-published book   Personal Finance – Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.