Pimps: The Raw Truth Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Conclusions

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Eric Culpepper

Hello, my name is Eric Culpepper, I am a freelance writer of what is ultimately a series of rare and extremely highly informative self-help and self-information books that have been designed specifically to aid readers in clearly understanding subjects that are far beyond the realm of general mainstream cultural awareness. 

I am a native of Memphis, Tennessee., which is a major center of both religious and pimpnological studies and being a direct product of both of these directly parallel cultures I am an omni-dimensional grand inquisitor level theologian lineage master pimpnological decryptologist who is a widely traveled and extremely highly experienced criminal profiler and long term dedicated pimpnological researcher and tactical analyst who has spent the better part of my life etymologically dissecting and analyzing classic religious works and investigating cultures of pandering and prostitution everywhere from Tokyo to Taipei to Toronto to Tennessee.

Though I have published a series of "Pimpilicious Perspectives" that are ultimately works of raw, incontrovertible and totally unparalleled insight into all relevant aspects of "The Truth About Pimpology" I have in fact also long wanted to write a few works of tactical analysis of pandering and prostitution that would properly inform and in fact benefit people as opposed to doing the general public a horrible disservice and with "Pimps: The Raw Truth Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Conclusions," "Hoe$: Insights Into The Internal Dynamics Of True Whoredom," "My Pimp Wife: How My Loving Japanese Wife Evolved Into A Cold, Heartless Pimp" "The Black Girl Curse: The Raw Truth About How Black Women Evolved Into Throwaway Women" and my highly effective articulation and vocabulary building App "Geekalicious" at GeekaliciousApp.com and Google Play I have been able to accomplish this long time goal.