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Danita Cahill

Danita Cahill is a full-time, multi-published, award-winning writer and photojournalist. At age 14 she sold her flute and bought a word processer to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Several of her poems were published that same year, and she was hooked on the by line! Since then Danita has written and published over 2,100 newspaper articles and columns for 10 different newspapers, and several dozen magazine stories for six different magazines. She's had four stories published in two nationally-released anthologies, and she's published three books.

Danita lives in the Pacific NW on a small Oregon farm with her husband, two sons and their animals - a horse, several cats and guinea pigs, a herd of alpacas, and two dogs. Besides running children to and fro and caring for her gardens, critters and family, Danita stays busy working on magazine assignments and her next books.

Danita is a member of the Central Oregon Writers Guild, and the Willamette Writers Guild. She grew up on the Oregon coast, and has lived in small towns most all her life.