The Auschwitz Protocol

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Jack Carnegie

I'm a Liverpool born writer, with a story to tell, starting off as a youngster writing songs with friends but not wanting to sing them, although I was forced to whilst composing them. Moving onto writing novels, I started when I was very young, a rough book making stories up and penning them down and then as I got older I decided to actually do it. I've a good friend who pushes me and tells me where I'm going right and wrong and a hobby I've had is now a physical thing. I used to think when songs were written and recorded, "They're out there, in the world and they wouldn't have been if it wasn't for writing them, that's how I feel about the books. A good revue is always welcome and gives a great feeling and makes it worth the effort of writing the books. I try to be thorough and correct and my good friend Dan Wheatcroft helps with that side of things splendidly.