A Gift of Wings

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About the author

Kauve Westbrook

Kauve Westbrook is a retired attorney who has served and counseled women from her days as a social worker, through her law practice and into her retirement years lending a hand and encouraging them to find their wings and learn to fly above and beyond their impediments.  She now writes books and provides outreach to women who are struggling to find their voice and overcome their problems. 

She will soon be publishing her second book entitled Lambsie D'Ivy. This is a beautiful love story woven into the backdrop of the wealthy and powerful New York Ballet glitterati. 

Solange DuPree, a star in the pantheon of the ballet world, has spent her life dictating  life on her terms until by chance she encounters an abandoned child who has spent her entire life in a hospital ward.

The love that develops between these two star-crossed personalities will make you laugh and make you cry, but will remain always in the cherishedl secret place where your mind and your heart intersect.