Meeting God

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Dr. Mukesh C. Chauhan

Oral Surgeon, Scientist, Author and Publisher. Author had accepted every  life challenges which you will only find in Hollywood or Bollywood films, except they are real, life sustaining 6 major road accidents to pope off author are real, spirits, what happens after death, blackmagic, conspiracy are not part of any books or curriculam and becomes life's learning  lessons. Author's epic Journey was nothing like anything author had seen or met.  Author's life turned upside down, losing everything despite having a highly successful career and life style. Yoga meditation, enjoying variety of sports, dynamic karm yogi in London, USA, France and finally India. Author's childhood practice of meditation resulted in finally finding the Creator who is not bound by any time space or causation as author was fed up of false Gods and Goddess which he was worshipping and who were involved in destroying author's life. Author was homeless, jobless and penniless in India ( having lost everything in London) and was ready for the top job in India when Creator informed author that he had not done Creator's work of knowledge in 2009 yr but God's knowledge. Author thought they were the same, but are not, and author aborted that top job offer and embarked on another epic journey i.e. Creator's hidden secrets of our Universe, origins of life, consciousness, discovery of 3-D vision, discovery of MC-Theory of everything of nature with biological ratio of 1:1618, discovery of dark energy and matter and electromagnetic spectrum source, seeing electrons, individual quarks red, green blue quarks and individual photons. Author has discovered source code of life and Universe made from Quantum Code and reaching before scientists Big Bang and Infinity or Singularity and how entire Universe is Intelligently Designed with precision.