The 123 Theory - An Empath's Guide to Thrive in Life, Love & Work

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E.E. Bertram

E.E. Bertram (also known as Esther) is an Australian/Finnish author of fiction for teens (The November Fox Series) and picture & chapter books for children. After traveling Europe as a singer/songwriter for 10 years, Esther’s focus is now on her small publishing house, Conscious Fiction, where the aim is to help grow the big minds of tomorrow, by creating wisdom-filled books & media for the young ones of today. Esther dearly loves the people in her life as well as going on adventures, deep talks with friends, animals, Netflix in bed on her amazing Tempur mattress, open fires, thunderstorms, games, writing books and music, stars in the night sky, rainbows, playing soccer, her flannelette pajamas, problem-solving, unicorns, laughter, nature, holistic health, yummy vegan food and following joy. Stay up-to-date with Esther’s news by joining Conscious Fiction’s Big Mind Kids newsletter and/or connect via social.

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From small seeds, big minds grow.