Embracing Awkwardness: The Gateway to Confidence

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About the author

Genie Swart

Queen of Oops and Laughter

Meet Genie Swart, the author extraordinaire who tackles life with the finesse of a bull in a china shop. With a memory that rivals a goldfish's, Genie's motto is "try everything once, then forget you've done it"—making each day a surprise party she throws for herself.

As a proud card-carrying member of the Dyslexic, AHAD (Absolutely Hyper and Distractible) Club, Genie is the chaos you never knew you needed. Life with her is like a rollercoaster; you'll probably lose your keys, but you'll definitely find a reason to laugh.

Genie's love language? Telling herself she deserves everything she eats. Whether it's a gourmet meal or a bag of chips, Genie believes in feasting on life's buffet with gusto and a side of humor.

In her books, Genie serves up positivity and laughter like a Michelin-starred chef. Her stories are a blend of her own misadventures, sprinkled with humor that hits you like a surprise cream pie in the face. Get ready to join Genie on a hilarious journey where every day is a comedy show, and the punchline is embracing the beautiful chaos of life.