Deeply Taken

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Bela Tomas

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Taboo, risky, funny, and hot. My books reflect my fantasies and allow me to share some of my inner thoughts on sexual pleasure (I hope) in a way where some might be afraid to express their own. My AND series is my first book series, and I shall have plenty more adventures with my stars of the show Amber and Andre. I’m also working on another series that involves sexual paradises that involve couples and first time partners who want to spice things up. Nothing is off limits in my books.
I have two pit bulls who look super scary but they wouldn’t hurt a fly. I also take care of my great aunt. I love exploring the Old Townes in my part country and part city state, I think its amazing that these places still exist to remind us what times use to be like and how far we’ve come. Till next time. Enjoy the heat of my eBooks and keep a look out, my next book is right around the corner.