Digital Leader's Playbook: Leadership in a Digital Business World

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About the author

Dr. Jose A. Mendez

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Puerto Rico, Dr. Jose A. Mendez is an accomplished author, educator, and Christian speaker. With a wealth of academic achievements, he stands as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. Dr. Mendez's pursuit of excellence led him to attain a Doctorate of Business Administration, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Project Management and Quality Control. His academic prowess serves as a testament to his dedication and thirst for growth and knowledge, which he pours in this book.

A cornerstone in the realm of faith-based initiatives, Dr. Mendez is a founding luminary of Guided Wisdom Ministries—a platform that has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking spiritual growth. In 2018, a transformative encounter led him to embrace Christianity, forever altering the course of his life. Since then, he has passionately shared his journey with Christ, reaching audiences both near and far.

With an engaging presence, Dr. Mendez has graced Guided Wisdom shows and speaking engagements, captivating audiences with his genuine narrative of faith and transformation. His voice resonates not only nationwide but also across international boundaries. Furthermore, he co-hosts the insightful "I Know Nothing" podcast alongside his close confidante, Rev. Alvin Jenkins, a collaboration that delves into life's most profound questions.

Dr. Jose A. Mendez's life story is an embodiment of faith, education, and the pursuit of purpose. His multifaceted journey—from academic excellence to spiritual awakening—is an inspiration to all who aspire to embrace their own paths with authenticity and dedication.