Cadence of the Soul: Connections Within Us

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Tracy Busby

Writing is like breathing to me. When I'm not writing, I also love reading, playing the piano, doing art - especially pointillism - and hanging out with my family and friends, including our two little dogs and our two cats.

We live in Wisconsin, which is fine in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but I would much prefer someplace more tropical in the Winter. I write with both hands, forward and backward, sometimes simultaneously, and I do my art with my non-dominant hand. I also drive with two feet. I know - GASP! - but I just can't do it any other way. It's an OCD thing. Gotta use both feet evenly. Monk would get it.

After turning fifty, I'm getting less and less concerned about speaking my mind. Not in a rude way. In a passionate way. We're here to live. To make a difference. If I want someone to know that I think they're incredible, I'm gonna tell them. They can think I'm weird. That's fine. One night, they may be sitting alone and their life may be falling apart, and maybe, just maybe, they will remember that I think they're incredible.