The Fall of Ossard

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Colin Taber

Born in 1961, Lee Edward Sheppard started writing his first novel at the age of 10, but gave up after two pages, when he found he had already run out of adjectives.

Not fazed by this early setback, he instead made big plans to do well in school, finish University and get a good job to set him up for life. Unfortunately, in 1977 a good friend introduced him to a brand new game that had just come out called “Dungeons & Dragons” and his fate was sealed.

It was his desire to combine his twin loves of writing and role-playing that lead to him being published in “Dragon”, “Dungeon” and “Polyhedron” magazines, before first meeting Colin Taber in the mid 1990s, back when they both still had hair. Working together on “Australian Realms” magazine, their friendship and love of all things wordy has continued to the present day.

It hasn’t all been about multi-sided dice though. Lee has also worked, with varying levels of success, as a Customs Officer, a Corporate Trainer, a computer fix-it guy, and even as a professional actor/improviser. Whatever he has done professionally however, he has always found himself inexorably drawn towards a blank page, the desire to tell stories an addiction that has yet to be satisfied.

Lee currently shares his home in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife of 28 years, his daughter and her boyfriend, and two hilarious cats.