Infinite Genesis Book 2: Growth

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About the author

Adam Pimentel

Adam Pimentel is a very simple man.

He unabashedly loves anime/manga, a few light novels, visual novels, video games and a plethora of novels as well. Said novels more often than not tend to be written by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jonathan Maberry, John Grisham, Micahel Connelly, and Greg Iles.

But more than that, he loves to write. Always thinking up stories and tinkering around with ideas until he has something definitive in mind, drawing a good deal of inspiration from the things mentioned above. 

It's his hope to not simply write stories, but to gradually improve and write great stories for others to enjoy.

"If I'm not writing, then I'm not living. And if I'm not improving and writing good stories, then I'm only doing readers and myself a disservice. May future stories only continue to be better than the previous ones."