Rings Of Solomon

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About the author

Mario Ricketts

Mario Ricketts is otherwise known as Dead End and he is truly a rare author in his writing style and his stories are to die for. Did you know that DE (Dead End) like to write variety of stories? Well, he enjoys doing it and he is consistent with it.

As a little boy DE would always write stories and read them in front his classmates, parents and even to the animals. As a little boy, he had a dog name Kerry—she was a very good pet. Whenever Kerry saw him coming with his book she would come at his feet and listened to him as he read his story and when he tried to get up she would bark at him because she wanted to hear more. As DE got older, his stories got better and he decided to enter a poetry competition at the age of fourteen. He was known as the youngest to enter such a competition and to be pronounced the second-place winner. The judges were really impressed with his writing skills and recognized him as good writer even though he was a teenager attending school.

DE has also entered music competitions and got silver several of times. He won a story competition after that and he kept pushing harder. He didn’t stop even though they tell him he couldn’t enter any more competition. He was a writer, actor, instrumentalist, president of his music group in school, dancer, singer, comedian and an artist. They didn’t want him to enter anymore of their competition. So, in 2011 he came second in an international singing forestry competition and was recognized as a truly hard-working individual.

When he left school, he did a lot of classes and he was recognized as a number one student. He worked as a waiter at a resort, then went around playing as a piano bar entertainer, he performed at concerts and festivals also, but what he loved more was writing. DE loves the mysteries of a story. That’s why he wrote this story called Sylvia: A haunting that will never be unforgotten. It is well put together and I know that you will enjoy it and the one after that too. This is Dead End and he will keep writing for you to keep reading.