How to Apply for the MEXT Scholarship

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About the author

Travis Senzaki

Travis is the leading independent expert in the Japanese government's Monbukagakusho/MEXT Scholarship. He has spent over 7 years working in university international offices in Japan and maintains a popular blog about the scholarship, as well as other challenges for expats in Japan at

Once an international student in Japan himself, and now a permanent resident, his goal is to be a resource for others who want to pursue their dream of studying and living here. His books, each outgrowths of the most popular posts on his blog are designed to go deeper than what is possible on a web post and provide every last bit of advice he can wring out of his own experience and research.

Travis also writes epic fantasy as T.A. Senzaki and enjoys taking his wife out on dates and taking his kids out to the zoo, the pool, and anywhere else where they can run around and burn off some of their seemingly endless supplies of energy. He also enjoys enormous amounts of coffee and slightly smaller amounts of mint chocolate chip ice cream and Guinness stout. He does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person.