Ruby Leaving Texas

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Dale Lotreck

Dale Lotreck grew up in post-Cold War Connecticut.  Early jobs included cutting tobacco in the Connecticut River Valley.  A two-year stint in the early 80s as a bass player in a Hartford-based punk band gave birth to the “WHITEBOY” (No Racism) persona.  Escaping the suburban façade, Dale moved to Brooklyn and then to the Lower East Side of New York in 1984.  A brief career in Publishing followed, as well as dropping out of Art School.  1988 found Dale leaving his career path, and living for several years as a bouncer, bodyguard and cook, spending his days as a T-shirt designer and his nights as notorious Graffiti artist, "WHITEBOY LES".  Being up all night and going down the streets he was warned to avoid, Dale found himself facing situations others may not have been aware of, all of which is woven into the tapestry of "RUBY LEAVING TEXAS."  Turmoil led to a hasty marriage and flight to rural north Texas, where the breakdown of Ruby led to the inspiration for “RUBY LEAVING TEXAS” followed by “ALL THOSE PRETTY BOTTLES –Thoughts and Observations at the End of the World.”  Dale’s latest “PARADISE HELL” (413 pp.) accounts for Dale’s first ten years living in rural northern New Mexico, the last of the Wild West… “looking for the Great Spirit, looking for Billy the Kid.”  Dale currently lives in the foothills outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico where he continues to paint and write daily.