TLFF Booklet Series on Peace Building in Liberia

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Gerald Coleman

Amb. Rev. Gerald B. Coleman is an Electrical Engineer and Project Manager by training, with a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) and has completed Post-graduate studies in Engineering Management from Northeastern University.

Under his Revenrent title, he is the Spiritual Elder and founding national missionary of the Unification Movement in Liberia. He is married to a S. Korean, Mrs Chung-ja Kim-Coleman, they have four children.

In 2017 he and his family created the True Love Family Foundation for Peace & Development in Africa (TLFF) as a private NGO to facilitate regional advocacy against Selfish Indvidual Nature (S.I.N.) in public leadership. This was what they saw as the major cause of Africa's D.I.P.-State (or a state of sustanable Disease, Ignorance and Poverty). Together they seek to mobilize a True Love Family Circle of members dedicated to the physical salvation of Liberia as a nation of destiny for Africa.