Requiem for a Princess

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Reza Ali

Welcome to my world! “The imagination is the playground of the soul!” Hi my name is Reza Ali and I am a writer. In another life I was someone completely different, someone who thought that money made the world go around, someone who had a lot of money and power. Someone dreadfully unhappy! So when my ‘then’ worst fear was realized and I lost everything I had, I discovered something extraordinary. I discovered happiness!

For me writing is about delving into the depths of my soul and tapping into a creativity that is made from the fibre of my very being. Every thought I had accumulated, every emotion I had felt, every experience I had enjoyed or despised, everything that I am is spilt onto the pages that I produce. I believe that every page I write will leave a tinge of my soul somewhere within, like an invisible watermark.

My fiction writing is really where my mind transcends rational boundaries. I love to create new worlds, new characters, touching context and compelling story arcs. Each character I create faces dilemmas that usually confront us, ordinary people, in different ways. The circumstances that have led them into the situations they find themselves in and the choices that are presented which will normally lead them into uncharted territory; these are similar to those seminal choices we are faced with in our lives. Perhaps our choices may appear less extraordinary, but in each and every person’s own world they are much more important.

It was my absolute pleasure hosting you for these moments here. I hope you will enjoy my work, please check out my first book, “Blood of Your Blood”. It is an adventure, a love story, a journey into a dark and wonderful world that will thoroughly captivate and enchant.