The Fall Of Religion


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About the author


As a small kid, I select myself a job as WRITTER that allow me to have the leeway to work as hard as I wanted and in which I am encouraged to measure my own productivity. I feel challenged and alive in these environments as a writer and graduated into being an Author, Rapper, Researcher, Web Developer and Entrepreneur.

 As an achiever, I relish the feeling of being busy, yet I also need to know when I am “done.” Attach timelines and measurement to goals so that effort leads to defined progress and tangible outcomes.

 I build celebration and recognition into my life. As an Achiever I tend to move on to the next challenge without acknowledging my successes. Counter this impulse by creating regular opportunities to enjoy my progress and accomplishments.

 My drive for action cause me to find meetings a bit boring. I then appeal to my Achiever talents by learning the objectives of each meeting ahead of time and by taking notes about progress toward those objectives during the meeting. It help me ensure that meetings are productive and efficient.