Bloodline: A Tale from the Town of Harmony

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About the author

Dan O'Mahony

As an avid reader and writer, the man known as Dan O’Mahony is a firm believer that too much reality can dull one’s senses and that one should purposefully engage in at least one act of make-believe and/or complete nonsense a day. 

He has been a lifelong fan of the fantasy genre. It is  satisfying and worthwhile to create something that is far-flung and imaginative while at the same time feels real at its core. Fantasy is rife with poetry and symbolism. It is the home of dreamers and outsiders who do not feel quite at home in the ‘normal world” and know that they are heroes at heart destined for epic adventures and great deeds.

Dan currently resides near Chandler, Arizona but spends most of his time exploring new worlds and associating with unique characters. When not engaging in fulfilling flights of fancy, he teaches elementary and junior high students, hoping to inspire within them a love of reading and writing (The trick is to get them while they are young.).


The world of Harmony continues to expand. Dan has plans to explore the history of this mysterious town. There are also new characters to meet, locations to visit, and relationships to form.

The Fifth Cycle is also ready to begin, a series of fantastic adventures steeped heavily in Irish myth and folklore.