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About the author

Andra-Cristiana Stan

Andra, better known as Anda on social media, resides in Bucharest, Romania, so English is her second language. She loves to create stories as her own *TV channel* while writing and reading them with a display of emotions as if living the respective story and characters. 

She claims herself as a crazy writer, being a true Aquarius who thrills in bringing novelty and a splash of everything for her guilty entertainment and out of a not so enjoyable reality we all live in. And she hopes to provide same experience for her readers.

Her personal motto is "Life is a bitch, let's make it better!" 

Through her stories she also wants to send motivational and inspirational messages. Her main female characters will always be strong ass ones, no matter their weaknesses. 

A true Aquarius brings originality and craziness, so Anda aims exactly that with her stories for her readers. And yes, expect out of the ordinary stories from her... She's lunatic... That's why...

You can get in touch with her through her social media and website! She loves all of you! If she's not a fast responder to your messages, it means she's either working at her professional job, *possessed* by the mind film of her work in progress story and furiously blazing her laptop's keyboard with music at maximum, or waring the bed for some nap times... But she'll answer! :P



Twitter: @StanAndac

Instagram: @stanandac