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About the author

Helen Christina Kelly

Helen is a mother of two grown-up daughters living in North Yorkshire. History and research have always been something she has loved and has three master’s degrees in History which she did later in life. She has always wanted to write but due to being diagnosed as dyslexic later in life she always thought it was something she couldn’t do but she is proving herself wrong. Along with reading, Helen loves visiting many different places in the United Kingdom especially if they have canals or waterfalls.

The inspiration for Greengrove is her love of canals as she finds them very tranquil places that can calm her so where better to set a book? When she was growing up she and her family lived in Guildford where during her work break on a Saturday, she would walk along the River Wey to a stone bench it was a wonderful magical place It was always her favourite place as it is Lacy’s in the book.