Derailed: How One Man Sabotaged Revival

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About the author

Rev. William H. Carey

Rev. William H. Carey is a retired Apostolic minister. He was cofounder of the National Gay Pentecostal Alliance (NGPA), later known as Apostolic Restoration Mission (ARM). He has worked in ministry in the LGBTQ community around the United States, and has published numerous books and tracts on topics including Church Administration, doctrine and the nature of the Godhead, published in English, and some also in   Russian, Spanish, French and Hebrew.

Rev. Carey began studying Greek at the age of 11, and Hebrew at the age of 19. He taught beginning classes in both languages for many years. He attended Apostolic Pentecostal Bible School and Wide World of Truth Ministries Bible School (both formerly in Schenectady, NY), and wrote most of the ministerial training curriculum for the Apostolic Institute of ministry, the educational division of ARM. This same curriculum has been used by other denominations as well.

A native of Brooklyn, NY, he attended high school in Galway, NY, and college in Schenectady and Albany, NY. He currently resides in Ferndale, Michigan with his husband,   Larry.

Other books by this author include:

  • New Testament – A new modern English translation of the Westcott-Hort Greek text
  • How Many is God? – A short explanation of the difference between the Trinitarian doctrine and the teaching of Oneness.
  • Derailed – The true story of how one man’s ego and pride destroyed a mighty move of God.
  • Repairing the Apostolic Church – replacing the traditional Protestant model of church administration with the original Apostolic model.
  • The Basics of New Testament Teaching: An Apostolic Guide to Doctrine
  • Inside – A novel (fantasy/fiction)