WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN: How a Burnt-Out Middle-Aged American Rejoined the Human Race while living among the People of Egypt during their Historic Revolution

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About the author

Alfred Greenberg

About the Author

Mr. Greenberg left the United States at the early age of seventeen, upon hearing George Harrison’s song for Bangladesh. He set off on a humanitarian quest to help relieve the suffering of people in that war-torn land, and while en route, helped establish halfway houses for drug addicts in India, Nepal, and Afghanistan. In Calcutta, he met and joined forces with Mother Teresa, who was in the early days of her work there, helping her in caring for people at the Home for the Dying. He later went on to open a humanitarian project in Bangladesh, where he remained for five years.

Later, while back in the United States, he, along with his sons, launched the pop brother band, Bon Voyager, releasing three CDs of original music, and performing throughout the country to help promote various charitable causes.

As a middle-aged man, he set off again, this time to live in the heart of the Middle East. He arrived in Cairo shortly before the revolution broke out, living through historic times with the Egyptian people. What he experienced there profoundly affected him. This book, part memoir and part travel odyssey, is an account of that journey.

Mr. Greenberg is the author of two other books due to be released soon. For further information, kindly visit the website: www.apilgrimsdiary.com.