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WELCOME! to Univessentials College & Career series.Books for students, parents, educators, and professionals navigate change.
we are here to help studnets navigate their journey from high school to college ,a successful career getting to good job.your roadmap to studying socializing succeeding in life.
College is an incredible journey. take advantage of our resources, get good grades, and build a network of friends that will help you enjoy college and learn more about yourself.Learn about preparing from school to college transition , selecting and getting into the college which you endevaour.
  This guidebook is the ultimate companion for a student preparing to enter college. UnivEssentials is always working to give you ways to evaluate your expectations, interests, and concerns about college life, and then track them against the real deal as you make your way through the exciting, surprising, and, yes, sometimes difficult first year experience.

If you are open to possibilities and ready to expect the unexpected, some of the best years of your life are about to begin.