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D. R. Downer

I started my professional journey as an Executive in the sales department of a UK based organization, selling timeshare. Since then I changed over and handled many different roles and responsibilities in the Marketing, Sales & Customer Service departments across industries. I finally shifted over to Advertising and spent a good 11 years in the same. It was during the later years of my career that I started to feel suffocated, doing the same sh**, day in and day out. I started to feel as if I was meant to do something more in life, and it was this feeling that forced me to call it quits and resign from my then position of Vice President of a multinational Advertising firm. 

I finally had my calling in writing. I took out my laptop and simply started to punch the keys on a blank word processor page. Since then, my laptop has been my closest friend, the one I spend most of my time with. In fact, sometimes I wonder if my wife can sue me for cheating on her...with my laptop. No seriously, can she?