The Harper Files: Cases 1-3 in one place

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Steve Higgs

Steve has been writing for years without producing anything that he believed was worth reading. Is he overly critical of his work? Probably, but having taken five years to finish the first book he took only five months for the second and is now working on three more stories simultaneously. He describes his current experience as that of a storyteller with ideas falling uncontrollably out of his ears. He keeps a notepad on his person at all times in case another idea comes to him and can be found scribbling pretty much any time he comes to a stop.
He lives not far from where his books are based, but although he was born and raised in Kent he spent most of this adult life as a soldier deployed to various points of the globe. Now retired from the military he has the world's most perfect son and a beautiful wife who is completely convinced his description of the single women in his book is the early stages of a mid-life crisis. It's not love, honest.
Influenced by Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Kim Harrison, Derek Landy, Lee Child and Janet Evanovich to name a few, his work will always be a mix of action and thriller mixed with situational comedy. The central character's parents are in no way based on his own. Definitely, definitely not.