Deadly Compulsions

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Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson was born in Budapest. His mother was in show-business and his grandparents raised him. His best friend was killed during the uprising in Hungary, he was wounded, captured and maltreated by State Security. After his release was ordered by the new government, he continued fighting the Red Army until the uprising was crushed. When reprisals began, he escaped and headed for England. After spending some time in refugee camps, he travelled to Scotland where he became a celebrity. A while later, he went to London where he was granted political asylum, had jobs ranging from door-to-door salesman of various articles, digging tunnels for Underground trains, then engineer and manager and married a nice girl. Following a lecture at an international engineering conference and publication of a technical paper, he was offered a job as consultant engineer on spacecraft and satellite development projects for NASA and ESA, and after his divorce years later he left England. He lives with his second wife in a town north of Lake Constance in Germany. He has travelled the world, met many people of various nationalities, and has collected themes for his novels.