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Siddharth Sharma

Born on Full Moon Night on May, 27th - Sid (nick name) An Author of Several Health, Fitness,Relationships & Recipe`s / Cookbook - Books,Magazines. A loving Son,A Caring Brother,an active blogger, vlogger, affiliate marketer, there are so many things to add as to tell you what all I am upto? But whatever that may be, if shared would definitely help individual find their financial freedom. Screw their day job, screw office politics, spend more time with family while having a privilege of working from remote locations anywhere. It might be a day on your most dreamed Star Cruise toward Pacific or a Romantic Get Away to unexplored island. I am Post Graduate from University of Melbourne, I have had worked with several Organization Google, IBM, Convergys, Microsoft on a nice profile with decent monthly intake but later gave up on it as I always wanted to do something that would be more challenging to do or to follow the thing I love the most - Being a reason of someone`s smile. Along with growing up, I have had seen my family coming across several health issues like Cancer - Breast, Uterus, Pancreatic. Liver Psoriasis, Bed Soul, High Cholesterol , Tumors, Weight Loss to name a few. 67 Billion monthly searches on Google would not lie, that people want to put an end to their worries or trouble (as that`s what most searches are about, how to this, how to that, natural remedy, how to ...etc etc) So, it might sound a bit wierd but I am trully looking forward to meet all those 67 billion people to hug them and assure them, ripples do come in every person`s life. Strong a man is if he desire to stand again no matter how many times life brings him down.
I have mostly lived alone( trust me that sucks ), I have always hated going to doctor for issues that can be taken care of naturally like Weight Loss, by just 15 mins a day exercise for consecutive 29 days would lose 15-20 pounds without starving on McDonald`s or Red Lobster. 
I have won no Award for this or I have not got my name published on health journal or magazines or anywhere else, neither I want. I just want to assist other for the love of it.
An Individual who firmly believes in 3 D, DETERMINATION, DEDICATION & DEVOTION, if you have all of these, IMPOSSIBLE itself would mean I M POSSIBLE.