Czech Out Vaclav Havel

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Jan Novak

The Czech Out book series tells stories about everything and everyone Czech, from Bohemian landmarks to notable figures. This collection engages, entertains, and educates readers about the rich and fascinating history of the Czech Republic. Each book in the Czech Out series is loaded with fun illustrations and facts which will take young and old readers alike along on real journeys and inspire them to learn more about one of the most extraordinary places on earth: The Czech Republic!

Books in the series include:

Czech Out Vaclav Havel
Czech Out Franz Kafka
Czech Out Saint Wenceslaus
Czech Out John Amos Comenius
Czech Out Antonin Dvorak
Czech Out Bozena Nemcova
Czech Out Thomas Masaryk
Czech Out Alphonse Mucha
Czech Out Charles IV - born Wenceslaus
Czech Out Jaromir Jagr
Czech Out Emil Zatopek
Czech Out Josef Lada
Czech Out Karel Gott
Czech Out Waldemar Matuska
Czech Out Josef Skvorecky
Czech Out Karel Tiege
Czech Out Bohumil Hrabal
Czech Out Jiri Trnka
Czech Out Frantisek Hilmar

Czech Out Charter 77
Czech Out Prague Spring
Czech Out The Velvet Revolution
Czech Out Šumava - Bohemian Forest

Written under the pseudonym Jan Novak and published by Distinct Press, the goal of the Czech Out Book Series is to educate and inspire English speaking youth about the Czech Republic and its rich history, notable people and beautiful places.

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