100 + 1 English Words of Greek Origin

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Kyriakos Georgiadis

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Kyriakos Georgiadis

Kyriakos Georgiadis was born in Thessaloniki in 1970 and grew up in Serres, Greece. In 1992, he completed his studies in the Department of Greek Philology (specialisation in Classics) in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has been teaching lessons of his specialty (Ancient Greek, Latin, Modern Greek language and literature, history) to Junior and Senior High School students in the Gnomon Greek Language and Culture School since 1997.  ISince 2012, he has been heading the online courses programme which is titled ‘Ancient and Modern Greek Language, History, and Culture Courses for people of all ages’. The motto of the project is ‘Returning to our home, to our civilisation’. Its target is to familiarise students with the Greek language and the masterworks of the Greek literature  He has delivered various speeches on Greek history and literature ( “Papadiamantis’ vindication”, «  “Saint John III Doukas Vatatzes’ economic policy”, « “The Eastern Orthodox Christian education in Ioannis Kapodistrias’ educational policy”, “The secret garden of Greek personalities and one flower into it”), whereas he was the main speaker in the celebration for the Greek Independence Day organised by the Greek School of the Greek Community in Portland, Oregon on 23 March 2019. The title of his speech was:  “The Struggle of the Greeks in 1821 and Their Church”.  

Lia Miliou

Lia Miliou was born in Serres, Greece. She graduated top of her class in Greek Philology, with a specialisation in Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin), at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a Master’s Degree in Ancient Greek Philology, with a thesis on Homeric Epic and Lyric Poetry (Kleos in the Homeric Epic and the Lyric Poetry). She has been tutoring students in Ancient and Modern Greek since 2012. She is also in charge of the English part of www.gnomonpedia.com and www.kyrgeo.com websites.  She has attended both internal and international academic conferences and seminars, whereas she has participated as a speaker in a seminar organised by U.E.D.G.L., with a discourse titled: «“Deianeira, Medea, and Papadiamantis’ Seraino: three different life choices”