Exercise, Life, & Love

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Stephen J. Almada

Stephen J. Almada, Ed.D., is a health psychologist, epidemiologist, educator, and consultant. Exercise, Life, and Love is the product of more than 30-years of his combined practical experience and training as an epidemiologist. He has published articles in peer reviewed and professional journals, served as a health consultant for Chicago print and television news outlets and presented at scientific meetings, professional organizations, and corporations. As a practitioner, he gained insights into the factors underlying the all too human struggles with making good food choices, adopting regular exercise, and otherwise making not so healthy lifestyle choices. As an epidemiologist struggling to understand the cause of inactivity, obesity, and lifestyle diseases, three statements; “if you fail at love, you fail at life”, “you have to learn how to love before you can learn how to live” and “the only way to know life is live it”, launched his twelve year odyssey into the causes of these epidemics diseases and revealed how Exercise, Life, and Love are rooted in nature; how they are inseparably related to the care and prevention of diseased ways of living life, and essential to living, and thus knowing, a life that is truly vital, healthy, and happy.