How Water Can Help You Change Your Life

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About the author

David Broward

I constantly sought to find the answer to some simple questions: "Why we are, as humans, here on this Blue Planet?", "What we should do, as individuals and as a collective, while we are here?", and "What happens after we leave the human body?"

I spent a lot of time reading, analyzing and comparing the discoveries from different fields of science, and connect them with the messages found in the major ancient spiritual texts, traditions and rituals. I tried to understand the world in which we are living not only from a scientific or religious point of view, but as a whole.

What helped me immensely in my quest was that I've encountered many individuals, from various cultures, of different ages and having diverse opinions or systems of beliefs, which gave me a better understanding of the inner nature of the human being.

Much of the information I managed to comprehend I gathered it in my short books, which are self-published in English (although it's not my native language), for as many people to enjoy the knowledge.

Love and Gratitude.