Falling for Hell

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About the author

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller grew up in the heart of Georgia, where all respectable women were teachers, secretaries or stay at home moms. She knew she wanted to be something more one day. She simultaneously began her career, accepted her first full time job and poured her heart into a marriage with Scott, an active duty service member.

In a matter of years, all of Jennifer's dreams came true. She welcomed not one, but two beautiful, healthy children into the world while touching the lives of children from Washington D.C. to Southeast Georgia as a public elementary school teacher. Jennifer enjoyed being the best teacher she could be, but reading and writing was always her passion. 

Jennifer began traveling across the country during the global pandemic of COVID-19. Her travels inspired her to follow her dreams and develop her writing. She published her first book, RV Mama, and was instantly addicted to storytelling. 

She decided the time for more, was now. She writes about her adventures along the road as well as Young Adult Romance novels inspired by her journey through life. 

Jennifer hopes her writing leaves readers with a sense of confidence and a sprinkle of happiness.