World Class Maintenance Management – The 12 Disciplines

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Rolly Angeles

Rolly is a seasoned international reliability and maintenance trainer, teacher, and adviser with over 30 years of solid experience in the field. He has conducted several trainings, workshops, consultations in a wide range of industries from different countries in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Nigeria, Bangladesh, South Africa, China, and Botswana. His portfolio of training on maintenance includes maintenance and reliability courses on TPM, Lubrication Strategies, Tribology, Predictive and Condition-Based Maintenance, OEE, FMEA, RCM, RCFA, Planned Maintenance, World Class Maintenance, Maintenance Management, Oil Analysis, Contamination Control, Maintenance Indices and KPI's, and other related subjects. Rolly has written 7 books on maintenance which are in series which are:
- Book 1: World Class Maintenance Management - The 12 Disciplines Maintenance
​​​​​​​- Book 2: Roadmap to Reliability
​​​​​​​- Book 3: Reliability - A Shared Responsibility for Operators and Maintenance
- Book 4: Cutting Edge Maintenance Management Strategies
​​​​​​​- Book 5: Problems and Solution on MRO Storeroom and Spare Parts
​​​​​​​- Book 6: Lubrication Tactics for Industries Made Easy
​​​​​​​- Book 7: Decoding Reliability Centered Maintenance Process for Manufacturing Industries
​​​​​​​- Book 8: RSA Reliability and Maintenance RSA Reliability and Maintenance Newsletter Vault Collection
- Book 9: Understanding Root Cause Failure Analysis - The Physical, Human, and Latent Cause of the Problem
​​​​​​​- Book 10: Maintenance Indices - Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance
- Book 11: Implementing Preventive Maintenance for Industries the Right Way
​​​​​​​Rolly is a graduate of BSME at Mapua Institute of Technology in the Philippines, batch 1985, and passed his  Board Examination the following year in 1986. Today with 30 years of solid background and experience, he had worked in various industries from shipping, woodworking, foundry, cast-iron machining, assembly lines, semiconductor manufacturing, and the mining industry. This is where he gained his total hands-on experience and understanding of TPM and RCM, respectively, a strategy from both the east and the west and how to combine it more effectively.   His email is mailto:, or visit his website at