BEYOND: A Paranormal Microfiction Anthology

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About the author

A.L. Paradiso

Born in Europe, English is his second language, following Italian—then Latin, Pig Latin, French, ASL and assorted computer languages. He now lives in upstate New York with three cats.

He managed a series of oil company outlets; ran two of his own; became a mechanic, then truck driver, did direct sales; became a Field Engineer for main frame computers. After ten years he switched to software and worked ten more years, receiving world wide acclaim, as a System Programmer.

In college he took a dislike to writing of any kind and swore never to try that again. Well, some years later, influenced by Babylon 5's creator and his own pressure to write about three traumatic events, he turned to creative writing. As of March 2021, he has shared 150 published stories online (over 5.1 million views), in fifteen anthologies and two literary journals. He has been a volunteer AARP instructor since 2000. He's listed in  "Who's Who of Emerging Writers 2020" We suppose he's one of those who just can't keep a job!
               author, instructor, storyteller

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Quantum Quirk: I wrote this for a call from the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore for a story that  included Quantum Mechanics. QM is not the star. 

Who's Who of Emerging Writers 2020 and 2021: I'm honored to be included with so many talented authors! 

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I Will Not Fear:   Facing a greatest fear. Overcoming it? Perhaps. 

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Black Feline: Heart wrenching story of a life-long bond. 99% true.  

Thanksgiving 2121: What it may be like on its 500th anniversary - on a space station 400 miles up.

Laundry Day: A common task has lasting effects, surprises and secrets revealed. 

Hairy Kari's Bad Hair Day A man tries immersion therapy to help his wife resolve her Haphephobia at a spa/salon.
My Secret Passage: Discovering an unusual secret passage at home

My Overseas Volunteer Trip to Dumbistan in West Asia: My 10-day journal of a life changing trip to a primitive village-nation.

Forrest Monsters: 70-year secrets revealed; small rebel army may be our last hope.