Look What the Cat Brought in

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About the author

Jim Webster

About the Author

Well I’ve farmed in South Cumbria all my life, milked cows for thirty years, run a suckler herd and reared calves. Then life went and afflicted me with sheep.

As well as that I’ve been a free-lance journalist, mainly covering agricultural issues. This meant reading an inordinate amount of official documents, statutory instruments, EU directives and similar. In self-defence I started writing fantasy.

I’ve had five fantasy novels published in paperback and innumerable novellas of a similar length to this short collection of stories.

To round this off I’ve got a wife and three daughters, and in spite of this, no dress sense whatsoever.

I’ve never been able to keep a diary, but over recent years I’ve written two blogs. One for Tallis Steelyard


The other covers my dogs, quads, and general farm life.   https://jandbvwebster.wordpress.com/