Defender of Hearts

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About the author

Tanya Bird

Tanya Bird is a writer/mum/Lego expert who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

The road to author has been a convoluted one. Prior to three children and an accidental six year stint in media/advertising, Tanya studied professional writing and set about writing bad novels on a laptop she could not afford. There was a nagging problem—she needed to eat. Creative endeavours were put on hold as she went about making money. But writing is an illness, and one can only numb the symptoms for so long before the words begin to decay inside of you. 'The Companion' series is her first published series. The other manuscripts remain buried in the backyard alongside her deceased pets.

Tanya can be followed on Facebook @TanyaBirdFreelanceWriter and tweets @TanyaBirdWriter. She blogs about writing (and off topic) at