a Nagy Fekete Könyv - Démonok, Pokoli Szellemek és Felidézések Boszorkányoknak és Varázslóknak

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About the author

Amelia Teije

Amelia was born in Madrid 32 years ago. She graduated with honors in Modern Literature at the University of Madrid. Since childhood she had a passion for writing and magical practices. 
When it comes to knowledge and writings on Wicca and Witches, her name is one of the most recognized. Despite being very young , She has several years of experience in the practice of Wicca and also has a great knowledge in her field . There are several books he has written on the subject. His books are a complete compilation on Wicca and help the reader to discard all the wrong beliefs and myths about the practice of Wicca. His books can help the reader strengthen his or her belief in the religion and can also help change his or her viewpoint on this particular religion. This is not something that can be learned just by reading books and looking up facts and figures on the internet, but requires a complete mastery of Wicca and how it is practiced or how it should be implemented for everyday use. 
Because of his work and experience, he makes things easy and convenient for students, beginners and all those who need it. He is always clear about what he wants to learn, practice and what he wants others to learn and know. His books are very helpful in all aspects.