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Ruth Jacobs

Ruth Jacobs lives a quiet life in a small village in Hertfordshire, England, which is quite a contrast from her teens and early twenties spent rather waywardly in London. She has two sons, two rescue cats, and a rescue Lurcher who follows her around like a shadow.

Inspired by her maternal grandmother, Clara Ellis, who was also a writer, Ruth had been writing since the age of thirteen. However, during the years that she wrote sporadically, Ruth had never completed a novel.

Since studying prostitution in the late 1990s, Ruth had an idea for a novel in her mind. At the age of thirty-six, in 2010, she began writing and a little under a year later, Soul Destruction: Unforgivable, the first novel in a series, was complete.

In July 2012, Ruth published In Her Own Words... Interview with a London Call Girl, which is the transcription of a video interview she undertook in 1998 with a woman who worked as a London call girl. All the royalties from this short publication are being donated to Beyond the Streets, a charity working to end sexual exploitation. Between the UK and US Amazon websites, In Her Own Words... Interview with a London Call Girl has received numerous five star reviews.

Maintaining contact with women who have exited prostitution is essential to Ruth as a writer and campaigner. On her Soul Destruction website, she has collated a number of their stories on a page named Voices of Prostitution Survivors.

As well as drawing on her research, Ruth has firsthand experience of many of the topics she writes about such as posttraumatic stress disorder, rape, and drug and alcohol addiction.

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