Beyond the Martian Star

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About the author

Michael Gabriel Becker

I am Michael Gabriel Becker.

By day I am an Author, Citizen Scientist, and an Educator, but by night... Well, I sleep. Or work.

I have been writing over ten years now, and finally got the spaceship off the launchpad to get published in June of 2017. Now to get the rest published! Science Fiction and Fantasy is where I mostly dabble, but I have a few ideas in other genres.

Science is my main hobby, toying around with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) fields. I mostly hang around the Engineering area, as I tinker with Electronics, from turning Cassette Tapes (remember those?) into MP3 Players, or building a device that turns off all televisions within a hundred foot radius. Insert evil laugh here.

Teaching has brought much joy to me, as I was a tutor at my college. Nothing brought me greater happiness than seeing my fellow students faces all glow when they finally understood the subject. Wanting to spread that joy, I started The Spaceman Show, a science variety show podcast that demystifies the complexities of the universe.

Join me as I create tomorrow, today.
One person at a time.