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Earl Warhus

It’s been a long and winding road to get here... four universities, dozens of jobs and businesses—fifteen years in the stock and commodity markets, ten years as a desktop publisher, seventeen years in language and private high schools, and five years in government—thirty or forty countries, rough drafts of several novels which I subsequently shelved... and so on. I must be a hundred years old, right? No, I did double and triple duty for many years.

Buddha’s Cross started out in the early 1980’s as a book on non-verbal communication (body language, NLP, etc.), and became a novel about brainwashing, cults and evangelism. In the early 2000’s, the movie, The Village came out, so I shelved my book for ten years thinking there was no market for two stories about a village cut off from the world.

Most of this edition is a little on the dark side and then it becomes light-hearted. That was my point... me coming out of my cave:) I am not writing for children, and I believe it is more important that art speak the truth than that it convey a positive message (though positive is nice, for sure). What I’ve said about the state of our society needed to be said. Nobody can deny that the Western world is undergoing a sort of Arab Spring of its own. There is a backlash underway against the nanny state and its proponents, and you cannot rebuild without a little demolition.

So, I demolished, and then I made a humble attempt to bring together in the latter half of the book enough ideas that an insightful, political-minded reader might complete the picture and patch up our Western democracies, or at least make them representative of all of our citizens. I use the plural on democracies for, after all, every first world country is dealing with the same issues.

I will write more about myself and my thinking as time goes on… bye for now.

Earl Warhus
1 May 2017